Associate Membership Criteria

The following are guidelines for Associate membership – our name for publicists who professionally engaged in public relations within the travel industry who work regularly with the media.

Associate Applicant Requirements:

  1. Represent a DMO (Destination Marketing Organisation) and work with with travel media.
  2. Own or are employed by a public relations firm, with at least 75% of your time (based on billable hours) devoted to servicing client accounts in the travel and tourism industry.
  3. Own or are employed by a hotel/resort property or corporation where you are the primary media contact.
  4. Own or are employed by a travel-related company (airline, cruise line, attraction, tour operator, etc.) where you are the primary travel media contact.

NOTE: Associate membership is awarded to an individual, not an organisation. Therefore, if you leave your position of employment, the membership stays with you, not your employer.

Applicants who represent travel-related products that are not destination-focused, such as luggage, gear, clothing, insurance and accessories or online travel agencies, do not qualify for Associate membership. However, if you represent these types of products, we invite you to talk with our ATTWON Executive Secretary about event sponsorships.

Submit with Application:

  1. Contact information for 12 travel media contacts (writers, photographers, editors, broadcasters) with whom the applicant has worked within the past 12 months, and results of that interaction. Include name, phone, e-mail and website, if applicable.
  2. Twelve clips (print-broadcast-online with circulation/traffic stats) of media coverage received over the past 12 months for your travel destination(s) and/or client(s) and describe how this resulted from the applicant’s public relations efforts. No more than two clips may be submitted from one release/press trip and only one clip per person per release/press trip. Online copies of articles published in print outlets are acceptable, provided they indicate when the article appeared in print. (Note: For vacation time-share/fractional or other real estate-type lodging, the clips must reference/emphasize the destination and the property, not the real estate portion.)
  3. A summary of all public relations activities performed in the past year on behalf of the client(s), such as media functions/visits organized, press trips hosted and press materials created and distributed.