Membership Guidelines

Members of the ATTWON Editors Council are responsible for directing the travel dialogue for millions of consumers worldwide. They help establish the standards for journalistic ethics and ideals in the 21st century while creating new tools and outlets for travel messages. Members of the ATTWON Editors Council devote a substantial amount of their careers to promoting travel journalism.

You are eligible for membership in the Editors Council if you are a(n):

Editor or Writer
Your job description must include responsibility for travel coverage for a print or online publication(s).

Website Owner
You are the owner of a travel website.

Book Editor/Publisher
Your job requires that you are responsible for and actively involved in assigning, editing and writing travel books or apps.

Broadcast Journalist
Your job involves hosting or producing a regularly scheduled programme on radio, television, or online/multimedia.


Editors must provide copies of letter from employer verifying position.

NOTE: Any individual approved for active membership who qualifies for one council but feels their professional interests would be better served as a member of the other council may simply ask for a change in council status. The vice president and chairs of both Freelance and Editors Council must agree to the change.